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Lupin III OST 06 Love theme
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - Soundtrack - 06 - Love Theme
Love Unlimited Orchestra ~ Love's Theme 1973 Disco Purrfection Version
06.Chuck Mangione-Consuelo's Love Theme (cd1) part1
Hearts and Armour (Soundtrack) — 06. Love Theme Parts I and II
[Bae Jang Heum] 배장흠 - 06. Childhood and manhood & love Theme
06 Lena's Magic The Love Theme (Soundtrack Beautiful Creatures)
Ennio Morricone - Love Theme - Cinema Paradiso (Tema d’ Amore)
Andy Williams' Speak Softly, Love (from 'The Godfather')
In The Mood For Love. Song Yumeji's theme
06 LOVE'S THEME - Andy Williams
Love theme (piano solo ver.)